MultiSelect Dropdown in Angular JS

In this a article we will play with multiselect dropdown in angular js.


Normally we use dropdown for single value  but when we will need multi pull value then we will use multiselect dropdown. we can data bind in multiselect dropdown  form database or return json array from client side. In this article we will call  json array from client side and use a directive for multiselect dropwn.

You can always download the source code here.

dicon Download Source

let’s start

Firstly we will create directive gaved named “DropdownMultiselect” bellow is the following code

Now we will create angular controller named “studentControler”

Now create view bellow is following code

finally we got bellow result :



  • must  be add “DropdownMultiselect.js” as reference which have in our source code
  •  must  be add “lodash.min.js” as reference which have in our source code

Hope this will be helpful.



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